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Grocery Cards


Participants may earn credits for their player's account by purchasing  a reloadable King Soopers or Safeway card. The cards come preloaded with $5 and thus have an initial cost of $5.

King Soopers and Safeway contributes 5% of the total dollars spent using these cards to AHS baseball. 2.5 % goes into your player's account and 2.5% goes to the Booster Club to help fund operations of the baseball program.

  • These cards can be used at any Safeway or King Soopers/City Market/Kroger store, so consider providing one to relatives to help earn funds for your player's account and the Club.
  • The cards may be reloaded at the store Service Desk prior to shopping. If loaded at the beginning of your shopping trip, the funds are usually available by the time you check out.
  • Or reload your cards right at the check out stand to have the funds available immediately. Present your card and advise the cashier of the amount you want added PRIOR to ringing up your purchases. 
  • King Soopers cards with a zero balance will expire after 30 days, so keep a balance on your card. If your card expires, you will need to purchase another $5 preloaded card from the Booster Club.

  • These cards may be used to purchase virtually anything except services such as Western Union, money orders, Ticketmaster, postage stamps, lottery tickets and other gift cards. They can be used to purchase ski lift tickets, prescriptions and gas at King Soopers and Safeway fuel stations.  Verify with the store if can use your card for your specific non-grocery purchase prior to reloading your card.

Contact Sara Albee for more details or to purchase a card.